Ways to Study:

FOLDED Vocabulary Notes
  • Daily.

    • Review concepts learned or re-learned in class.
    • Complete any assignments.
  • At least one week before tests, study deeply using the following suggestions (but not limited to...)

    • visit the wiki

    • review your guided reading packets

    • look at your folded vocabulary (use like flash cards)

    • do the reading checkpoints (small yellow ovals scattered throughout each section of the chapter)

    • describe the concepts to a friend or sibling

    • review the end of chapter study guide

    • do the end of chapter practice test

    • review your labs

    • review all class activities

    • read your movie/class notes

    • visit on-line resources

    • WITH PERMISSION Try some of the experiments at home

    • Visit the on-line textbook. The direction to create your very own account are on this Wiki home page